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Generating wealth for your business

Forward-looking, UL Mutual aims at offering a wide range of the most competitive and personalized solutions for customers. We take special care to listen to your needs. The main goal of this collaboration is to create wealth for your business.

Group insurance beyond one-size-fits-all

UL Mutual respects clients’ specificities, from SME managers to CEOs of a big Canadian corporation. Forgone packages are not part of our solutions: we believe personalized and adaptive group insurances will contribute to your business growth.

Advantages of UL Mutual’s Group Insurance

UL Mutual stands out on the national market in several ways. UV Mutual is Quebec’s oldest chartered life and health insurance company and Canada’s fifth. 125 years of experience naturally translates into strong financial strength.

For mutualists, this strong financial strength guarantees security and business perpetuation. It builds trust among clients and partners, which materialized into strong growth in the last 15 years.

Besides, the simplified structure of our financial institution allows, during our entire partnership, fast decision-making, a customized offer based on real needs, a proactive management of quality service and of client’s desire. Those characteristics lead to our customers' loyalty.


Group Insurance Benefits

Core Benefits

  • Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance for Dependents
  • Death and Accidental Mutilation Insurance
  • Death and Accidental Mutilation Insurance for Dependents
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Prescription Drug Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Eye-care Insurance

Specific Benefits

  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance for Dependents
  • Optional Critical Illness Insurance
  • Health Management Account
  • Optional Life Insurance
  • Cost Plus

Designed for your employees' health and welfare

Your employees' welfare reflects your success: it is a priceless resource. It is thus important to consider both their physical and mental health. For UL Mutual, stress experienced by employees can have a deep impact on all your business activities. The range of products offered, like our Health Insurance and our Critical Illness Insurance, aims at relieving your staff from worries about health or unexpected death.

 UL Mutual is involved in implementing and enhancing your group plan to generate wealth in several ways:

  • Building a strong brand during recruiting activities
  • Retaining talents among staff
  • Attracting potential talents
  • Decreasing health-related cost, including absenteeism
  • Reducing financial worries related to health, disability and death
  • Contributing to business growth
  • Enjoying quality support in implementing and monitoring group insurance.
  • Analyzing cost related to health and disability in way to stabilize your business

How to subscribe to UL Mutual group insurance

Ask your registered advisor for our plans and benefits.