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UL Health Program

UL Mutual is adding advantages to its group insurance plans!

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For many company managers and union representatives, seeking for a solution allowing a better management of cost related to health, absenteeism and disability is their main concern. UL Mutual met this need with the lunch of a solution enabling to promote health and welfare throughout your organization: UL Health program.

UL Health, it’s 3 solutions designed for you!



Programme 1

Health information and navigation program   

UL Health, it’s an easy and quick access to information and resources related to health when you need them. Designed to help you to navigate throughout the Canadian health care system, UL Health can guide you, amongst others, to:

  • Find a doctor
  • Get more information about a health condition
  • Learn more about a medication
  • Understand your provincial health plan coverage
  • Research appropriate health screening tests for your age group
  • Investigate eldercare options
  • Manage a chronic health condition

Health information and navigation program services are accessible to all organization’s members and their dependents.

As a UL Mutual’s client employer, you are not only offering to your employees a privileged and secure access to the UL Health Web portal, but also a free telephone support service. Employees can get answers to their health-related questions and, consequently, can navigate more easily in the Canadian health care system.

In short, the Health information and navigation program enable you to:

Access over 2, 000 articles online or with our health information specialists for any question regarding physical and psychological conditions, illnesses, medication and natural products.

Quickly find health professionals in your area with the help of our health services repertory.

Be equipped to access health care services.

But there's more!

Programme 2

Health risk assessment tool                         

UL Health program includes a confidential health assessment tool. Each person insured can evaluate their health condition by answering an interactive questionnaire, accessible through the UL Health secure portal. The questionnaire includes four sections:

  • Your current health status
  • Physical activity
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Nutrition

The tool enables the insured person to make follow-ups any time on their results over time and changes in their life. The result will translate into a simple graphical picture.

Programme 3

Manager support and intervention program

The UL Health manager support and intervention program provides managers and union representatives with informations, tools and support in order to identify and refer an employee or colleague going through a difficult time.

Among the tools available for our clients we offer a series of short dynamic video clips available for you to better understand certain situations, have a greater understanding of how to manage those situations, recognize the warning signs and identify solutions. 

You wish to order material?

As a plan sponsor, you can order material for free through the secure portal by completing the order form provided.


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