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Life insurance is a perfect financial management tool to:

  • Pay your funeral expenses
  • Pay your tax and debts after your death
  • Maintain your beneficiaries’ standard of living
  • Leave an inheritance to your succession

It also gives you the possibility to:

  • Save tax-free
  • Benefit from a higher income at retirement

How to establish the life insurance amount you need?

You need to estimate your family’s financial needs in the event of your death, considering:

  • Your debts (mortgage, car loan, credit card balance and others)
  • Your funeral cost
  • The income you need to support your dependents (like your children)
  • The inflation rate

The face amount and accumulated savings with a life insurance are tax-sheltered.

Choose the insurance type that fits you more:

Duration 10 years or 20 years Lifetime Term to 100 years old
Age 18 to 65 years old 0 to 75 years old 0 to 15 years old
Description • Instant coverage without engagement for a specific period
• The most economic and flexible solution
• Renewable until death
• Convertible until 70 years old without evidence of insurability
• Guaranteed premium
• Solution offering a surrender value increasing over the years
• Choice of the premium payment due dates
• Surrender value available
• Possibility of partial surrender
• Term to age 30 insurance converted at expiry into Term to 100 insurance
• Competitive & guaranteed rate under the policy
• Coverage in the event of a death and against 9 critical illnesses
• Automatic indexation
• Possibility to add the invoice option
Cost $ $$ $
How to choose? You have:
• A limited budget
• Debts to reimburse in the short and medium term
You wish to:
• Leave an inheritance
• Keep your insurance no matter your health condition
You wish to:
• Protect the insurability of your child

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